I was born in Belgium in the fantastic year of 1981. My father (Doug Lucas) was a musician, and there was never a time when I thought about doing anything else but music with my life. Thanks to my mother, there was always a piano in the house, and piano lessons started  early. Growing up on He-Man, Jazz, Transformers, Prince, and classical music gave me the ability to accept a diverse array of styles. After moving to Colorado in '92, I was lucky enough to enter a middle school with a dedicated music instructor by the name of Mike Simpson. While attending Boulder High School, I was fortunate enough to take some music related courses at the University of Colorado. During High School I played with a Hip-Hop group called "Splifted Souls," and also a reggae/ska band called "The Heptals," who toured around popular  ski towns throughout Colorado. I learned at an early age what it was like to be in clubs and bars and around drunk people who like to give hi-fives. I was accepted into the New England Conservatory in'99 and headed to Boston. There I studied with badasses: Jerry Bergonzi,Danilo Perez,Hankus Netsky,Bob Brookemeyer, and George Garzone.  After graduating in 2003, I moved out of Boston and moved to New York City. I currently play with multiple bands including Bootyjuice, Message, and The Youngblood Brass Band. I have recorded with: India Arie, Bad Rabbits, Brand Nubian,  Talib Kweli, The Pharcyde, Andy Grammer, Shaggy, Big Daddy Kane, the Lifted crew, Percy P, Guilty Simpson, and Anthony Hamilton.